Basics Principles of Double Flanged Technique

Since I first published the Double Flanged technique in 2017, it becomes popular around the world. However, I have seen many surgeons doing the technique differently than the one published. This can bring complications like endophthalmitis, conjunctival erosion and externalized flanged. In order to reduce these complications and to help surgeons starting in the technique. We produced this video with the 10 basic principles of the technique

1 – Material needed

2 – Test the polypropylene before inserting it into the eye

3 – Set up a 2 mm entry point from the limbus

4 – Go for a long scleral tunnel

5 – Push the prolene into the eye while to remove the needle

6 – Hold the base of the prolene with tension

7 – Cut the prolene at the 1,2 to 1,5 mm to the sclera

8 – Flange size

9 – Bury the flanged prolene into the sclera

10 – Be careful piercing IOLs

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