Canabrava Ring – Best Cases to Start

CANABRAVA RING by AJL OPHTHALMIC/SPAIN – Start to develop the technique in eyes with pupil between 3.5 – 4 mm, White-White diameter > 10.5 mm and long eyes. It is important to start

It is a PMMA ring with a 60º semi-arch opening, internal diameter of 6.3mm and a vertical length of 0.4mm. Its technology differs from competing pupil expansion devices because the parts that attach to the iris (indents) are arranged in an alternating fashion. There are 7 indents (0.9 mm horizontal length), which are positioned in the ring in an alternating manner – one facing upwards and the next downwards.

These alternating attachments are horizontally, but not vertically, aligned. They are specifically spaced from each other to create sufficient room when arranged in the iris. There are 2 small hooks at each end, which attach to the iris. Each indent has a 0.28 mm-wide orifice for intraocular device manipulation with a Sinskey hook. CR is the first pupil ring to have indents that do not superiorly and inferiorly align with each other, resulting in a reduced vertical ring length. It attaches to the iris in a corrugated manner between superior and inferior indents, thus allowing for superior fixation to the pupil border using the narrowest width possible for a PMMA ring. The ring’s compact layout minimizes its thickness, ensuring it easily enters the ocular globe. This makes implantation easier as the iris connects to the ring like a wave.

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