Harada Disease


Preoperative Conduct:
1- Uveitis Inactivity Period: At least three months.
2- Preoperative oral corticoid: 1mg / kg between 7 and 10 days before surgery.

3 – IOL Implant: do not implant in patients with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. It is possible to implant in others uveitis

Intraoperative Conduct:
1- Small Pupil Strategy: Preference for pupil expansion ring. Iris retractors causes greater trauma and need to make 4 additional paracentesis openings.
2- Anterior synechiae: Always the first step that must be accomplished. It decreases the risk of corneal decompensation during surgery. We recommend using an iris spatula.
3- Intraoperative Iridectomy: Performed routinely. Prevent postoperative inflammatory pupillary block.

Postoperative Conduct:
1- Corticosteroid Reduction: 0.1mg / kg / week
2- Medical Returns: These should be frequent, often occurring daily in the first week for monitoring inflammation and intraocular pressure.

Handling always performed by the cataract department and the uveitis department together.

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