Needle Synechialisis Without Viscoelastic

It has always been taught to me to remove a synechialisis using a large incision + OVD + Spatula. Here I present to you a new idea.

First of all, I thought: Why not using a simple 26G or 29G in the cornea? To my surprise, the anterior chamber is kept stable! It’s possible to remove post-phaco anterior or posterior synechiae without a large incision, spatula and OVD!

I did a large bibliography research, and I wasn’t able to find any surgeon that published anything like it before me. If you know any before paper or video, please send me the link and I’ll properly credit the author. Special thanks for my ex-fellow @pedror.henriques

Dr Jee D at al have published in 2017 a same procedure using Healon Needle and OVD.. doi: 10.3109/08820538.2015.1009558

This post video is without OVD.

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