Yamane Technique Tips

Part 1:

LOCATION OF THE INCISIONS: Set the incisions on the Slip Lamp to create a virtual “T”. – Main incision at 120-degree
– Left sclerectomy: 90-degree distance from the main one (30-degree);
– Right sclerectomy: 90-degree distance from the main one (210-degree).
NEEDLE SUPPORT: Position the insulin needle inside the eye before injecting the lens. During lens injection, the insulin needle will work as a lens bracket.
DOUBLE LEFT: In this position it is possible to use the left hand to handling the 2 sclectomies and to insert the 2 haptics in the needle with the right one.
MATERIAL: Sensar AR40e, testfine needle or 26G insulin, 23G.

Part 2:

Direct insertion haptic – This TIP was created by Dr Brian Kim:

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